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Yet Another Tech Blog

By Matthew Bender

Posted on January 1, 2015

Starting Again

I’m going to start blogging again about Tech N’ Stuff. I used to write blogs very sporadically on BentSolutions.com but now I really want to start blogging more consistently. Perhaps as often as once a week…(fingers crossed)

Who is the developer Matthew Bender?

I’m a true Ruby on Rails nerd! In the past, I was a C# .NET zombie but 4 years ago I joined and have enjoyed working with the ruby open source community. More recently, I’ve been working a lot with Rails RESTful APIs and AngularJS front-ends. I enjoy developing with the TDD methodology. As a lead engineer, I am passionate in improving those around me. I attend conferences, go to meet-ups, read blogs, and listen to podcasts, always trying to bring interesting and new ideas to my team. I am now exploring more programming languages for cases when certain technologies can help scale an application. I most interested in Node.js, Elixir, and Go. I have also dabbled in R and started learning the value of data science.

What is 5280code.com?

This website is really just a sandbox/playground for me to implement whatever I want when I have a free moment and not just have the code live in a git repo somewhere.

More to Come

I’ll create blog posts explaining the individual parts of this website

  1. Fitbit device data Integration
  2. Bitcoin & Pusher price Integration
  3. Meetup.com events Integration
  4. Blog Engine